Project Phoenix RTS/RPG title successfully funded on Kickstarter

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Written by AndrewH

Project Phoenix is an interesting mix of genres, wearing squad-based RTS gameplay meshed with Role-play game elements and story lines heavily influenced by the whole JRPG genre. To accomplish this task, almost everyone on the entire development team from both East and the West have worked on main Triple-A titles ranging from Diablo 3 to various Final Dream games, Halo to L.A. Noire as well as everything in between.

So what exactly is this game? It would consider us forever to write about that but the fast and dirty explanation in regards to what Project Phoenix is goes something similar to this, Project Phoenix will be a full 3D squad-based RTS game along with heavy influences from the JRPG genre. Considering the people that make up the team, we can expect to see Final Dream style art and storylines which is not bad at all.

The best way to look at this game is that it is a tactical RPG but unlike other video games of this nature, Project Phoenix will be seriously detailed and in-depth with regards to the combat portion of the game. Things like the actual terrain will play a job in the outcome of the fight. The RPG portion of the game will feature much richer content material and storylines than other games such as this according to the developers.

So much Project Pheonix has received six occasions the original goal of $100,000 that the team was looking for. As of the time associated with writing this, funding is actually sitting at a little over $648,000 with 11 days to go so Project Phoenix will be a thing. This game is slated for release somewhere in mid-2015 for both iOS and Android thanks to the sport being built while using Unity3D engine.

If you\’re interested in checking this out and perhaps throwing a few bucks for added funding, hit up their Kickstarter page. There is plenty of additional details plus you can check out the absurd team they have working on this game. We will definitely be follow this particular game\’s development and can post updates because it is being made.

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