Shadowrun Returns brings the cyberpunk RPG franchise to Android finally

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Written by AndrewH

We\’ve been covering two Shadowrun games that have been successfully funded via Kickstarter, both with plans to bring their video games to Android. The first is an online MMORPG design game called Shadowrun Online while the other game had an insanely successful Kickstarter campaign, called Shadowrun Returns.

The latter is the new Shadowrun game that is right now out for Google android gamers to go grab and sink just as much time as they possibly can into it. Developed by Harebrained Schemes, Shadowrun Returns isn\’t just a rehashing of the unique game that created a tablet top RPG and other spin-offs. Rather this is a new accessory for the franchise with turn-based tactical gameplay meshed in to the cyberpunk RPG realm of Shadowrun.

Shadowrun Returns Features:

– The entire Shadowrun Returns campaign (12+ hrs of gameplay!) optimized for touchscreen input
– Explore a grim cyberpunk future where miracle and technology rule the streets
– Make each and every action count within gripping, turn-based tactical combat
– Create and customize your own character from one of six unique archetypes
– Over 350 different weaponry, spells and abilities: sling fireballs, kneecap enemies with your shotgun, or even roundhouse kick them in the face!

Reading the features list of the game we were actually happy to see that you can kneecap somebody with a shotgun, mind you that would be pretty messy. Aesthetically the game has an isometric viewpoint with some pretty strong 3D visuals to savor.

While the announced content creation tools haven\’t been released yet, which will allow people to create strategies and other goodies hanging around for others to play, we all do expect those to arrive soon. In the meantime, we\’re just happy it hasn\’t been delayed once again. You can pick up Shadowrun Returns off of Google Play with regard to $9.99 for most tablets and some newer phones.

We will have a full evaluation coming your way soon.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

Google Play Link: Shadowrun Returns

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