Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.8.0 Update should be arriving within the next week or two. Full details here.

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Written by AndrewH

Since the beginning of the actual beta testing stage that Mojang started with Minecraft: Wallet Edition and the upcoming Zero.8.0 revise, there have been a slew of changes as well as tweaks made to the sport between then and now. However the final build of the update has been finished and the Zero.8.0 update has been submitted to Apple company for approval. It\’s been stated officially that the Android release may launch at the same time as the iOS one does.

We\’ve gone over some of the new stuff coming in the 0.Eight.0 update within past articles consider then a lot has been added, tweaked and adjusted. In terms of size, this has to be one of the biggest updates to Minecraft: Pocket Edition so far, or pretty damn near to it.

Official 0.Eight.0 Changelog:

New Features

* Separated much and near chunks in two queues with regard to performance reasons
* haze only on much chunks
* transparency only on near chunks
– alpha-test-only layers are hidden in far chunks
– Made the torch an opaque block
– Mipmaps! (on iOS)
* Three dimensional clouds with new tessellation algorithm
* New texture atlas and texture electrical generator script
* Refactored OpenGL usage to prevent costly state leaks (eg. animals aren\’t alpha tested anymore)
* Far making distance
* New defaults and changed options
* added far (256) and furthest (400) rendering distances
* removed smooth lighting (now always upon)
* fancy has become default on
* default rendering distance is now far
* Refactored most of the making to use indexed VBOs
* remade arrow model
* inventory is now rendered using cached VBOs
* new skies rendering using a triangle fan

New colors and textures

* brought all textures from pc (eg. gravel)
* new grass color
* new skies color
* new drinking water color in the distance
– Water fades to non-transparent in the distance (iOS)

?New blocks

* sideways logs
* sponges
* jungle, birch, spruce stairs
* jungle slabs
* pumpkins
– potatoes
* carrots
* beetroots
– cobblestone wall
* iron bars
– tall grass, fern as well as dead bush
* existen bale
* coal block
– carpets
* rails and powered rails

?New items

* pumpkin pies
* beetroot soup
* flint and steel, top snow and ice in creative
* iron bars
* clock
* compass
* minecarts
* redstone dust (can\’t be positioned!)


* New creative stock with tabs
* Dynamic PC-like lighting on entities
– ambient light tinting
* light direction depends on sunlight direction
* New rendering for items in hand
* Transparent plugin!
* When selecting an item in the inventory this replaces the one within the selected slot
* Displaying craftable recipes first within the crafting screen
* Reprocessed text formatting (e.g. in talk)
* Stencil shadows
* Bone fragments meal no longer fully grows crops
* Brand new fire effect
* Brand new bow rendering & computer animated items
* New AI
* breeding!
* tempt animals by holding wheat (potato, carrot or beet root for pigs)
* Added inertia to item in hand and \”breathing\” idle animation
* Rotating floor tiles to hide repeating tile patterns

There has also been a ton of tweaks and bug repairs during the beta screening phase, way too many to be used to list here. Therefore we should definitely see Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.8.Zero before the holiday season.

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