Butterscotch Shenanigans hosts the Butterscotch Jam: 5 Games, 5 Days, 8 hours or less per game

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Written by AndrewH

Many people like to think of themselves because crazy, creative, insane, geniuses,? and manufacturers of the best waffles. Very few may live up to being all of these things. We\’re near, writing this post from almost 4am PST in the morning here. However the brothers who make up Butterscotch Shenanigans live up to many of these prestigious titles and more. Now, starting today (Monday August Nineteenth, 2013) at 8:30am CST and lasting all week, the designers of Towelfight 2 and Quadropus will be hosting the Butterscotch Jam.

What is the Butterscotch Jam you ask? This is a sport development jam and a brutal one at this. In a rather enjoyable post, the company explains that their roots were created in game jellies. With the title they had been working on (called Chief!) canceled, the creativity need to get flowing once again. The great thing is that anyone can take part in this jam.

Sam and that i honed our game development chainsaws within game jams. 1 might say that sport jams were the actual birth canal that squeezed us into the world of game development, crying, screaming, as well as covered in Butterscotch flavoured juices. – Seth Coster

Butterscotch Shenanigans will be creating 5 games during the period of 5 days. However every day there will be no more than Eight hours spent on that day\’s particular sport. Each day will also have a theme which that daily game must be created around. For example when the theme today is actually fried eggs, you will have 8 hours to make a game that has something to do with fried eggs.

One of us accomplished this task in Quadropus. Who was it?

While all the games they create could be for every additional platform but Android, we can\’t help but bring attention to this game jam as we want to see how many other people take part in it and just what people end up producing. We\’re sure there will be at least one Android sport in there. Either way, if you are planning to participate, read the rules and keep an eye on the Butterscotch Shenanigan\’s Twitter at around Eight:30am CST for each day\’s theme to be announced. When you are done your game, you can send it along with the game\’s particulars for them to post on the official game jam\’s page.

Official Website: Butterscotch Jam

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