Champs: Battlegrounds update brings new relics system, leveling and cash tournaments

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Written by AndrewH

Quark Games offers pushed out a brand new update for their cross-platform multiplayer PvP game Champs: Battlegrounds. This update brings a few pretty big modifications to the game itself as it includes a new relic system, leveling as well as an entire tournament points system to keep tabs on the points you earn whenever entering tournaments.

The brand new relic system offers gamers the chance to modify their champs even more. That means specific builds can now be created and players have the option to make their champs however they want to customize them. You can get as insane as you like as well for example making your cleric a tank type of character. The new relic system ties into the champs leveling system as well.

As you progress with the game, champs are able to gain levels which will unlock stat points used to upgrade different stats your own champs may have. As you level up you will also be able to uncover additional relic slots to help customize each champion in your squad. All this is going to mean a lot more dynamic squad builds which should make for a few very interesting match-ups in the near future.

A brand new tournament points system is also in place right now which will keep track of your points along with everyone\’s points they earn though tournaments. To celebrate this update and all that comes with this, Quark Games has introduced the first tournament which will actually end up being a number of tournaments called the Champs: Battlegrounds Event Series.

The Champs: Battleground Tournament Series will be a multi-phase competition for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and Android devices that will begin on October 21, 2013 and feature $2,500 in money prizes. So if you have not snatched up the revise yet, now is great time to do so and start understanding and customizing your own champs for this upcoming tournament. You can check out all the rules and regulations for this tournament over on the official web site for the series by itself.

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