Halloween Android Game Sale Round-Up: Sine Mora, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Rayman Jungle Run and more

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Written by AndrewH

Today is Halloween night and like every period this year we see an onslaught of games get updated along with Halloween themed content in addition to going on sale. This can be a great time for Android gamers to snag a few deals and this year is no exception to that rule because there happens to be plenty of good games on sale these days.

So without further hold off on our component, here are the video games currently on sale more than on Google Play. Such as always, click on the game\’s name to head to its Google Play itemizing.

– Kingdom Rush Frontiers by Ironhide Games Studio on sale for $0.99

– GA6: Wizard of Tarnath Tor by Tin Man Games on sale with regard to $1.99

– Blood of the Zombies through Tin Man Games on sale for $1.99

– Home of Hell by Tin Man Games on sale for $1.99

– GA5: Catacombs from the Undercity by Tin Man Games on sale for $2.99

– Rayman Jungle Run by Ubisoft on sale for $0.99

– Neuroshima Hex by Big Daddys Creations on sale for $0.99

– Fangz HD through Game Whizzes on sale with regard to $0.99

– Doodle Devil by JoyBits for sale for $0.99

– I, Gladiator by Burlington Trading Ltd. for sale for $0.99

– Star Investors (Elite) by Cory Trese on sale for $1.99

– House of the Dead: Overkill by Sega for sale for $0.99

– Sine Mora by DigitalReality for sale for $2.99

– Drift Mania Championship 2 by Ratrod Galleries on sale for $0.99

– Combo Crew by The Game Bakers on sale for $0.99

– The Walking Dead: Attack by Skybound LLC on sale with regard to $0.99

– Pacific Rim through Reliance Entertainment on sale for $0.99

– Planets Defense by Lightworks Games on sale for $0.99

Google also has a little group of games for sale as well but most of these games are free types with discounts upon IAPs. You can check out the list of games in this promotion over on Google Abide by going to the official market listing.

As always, should you spot a game for sale that isn\’t on this list, be sure to leave a comment below with the game name, cost and a link to it so everyone can make the most of it. Chances are that there will be more popping up all day long.

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