[Updated] Crescent Moon Games release Blocky Roads today, Mimpi set to arrive tomorrow as well

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Written by AndrewH

Crescent Moon Video games is having a bit of a double-header this week with two game releases on the furniture for Android players. Today we get the release of Blocky Roads while tomorrow will have the discharge of Mimpi onto Google android as well. We\’ve actually talked about Blocky Roads lately as well but we will recap some of its features in case you missed that article.

Update December 16th, The year 2013 12:40pm PST: Quick heads up that the game continues to be pulled for a 2nd due to an importing error. It\’ll be available in the next couple hrs.

Blocky Roads is essentially a Minecraft-style game but for the most part you will be crafting vehicles to drive on racetrack instead of building and other stuff that you would craft in Minecraft itself. When you craft one of the cars available in game, you will then be able to race with it as well.

Blocky Roads Features:

– 12 tracks in order to conquer
– 4 challenge monitors to test your skills
– 9 awesome vehicles
– Customizable character
– Car Editor! Build and Paint Your own vehicle block by prevent! (Unlocks after monitor 3 is finished)
– Beautiful Voxel Graphics
– Game Services accomplishments and leaderboards

If you\’ve been waiting to get your hands on this game since we final reported on it, you are able to download Blocky Roads off of Search engines Play for free to test. If you want to unlock the entire version, which you can do through a single IAP, it\’ll cost you $1.99. You can also unlock all cars with regard to $1.99 as well if you are too impatient in order to earn them.

As with regard to Crescent Moon Games\’ second title that is coming tomorrow, Mimpi is a puzzle-platformer style of game that actually looks quite great. We\’ve added the trailer for Mimpi below but we will get more into that game the next day when it\’s officially released.

Google Play Link: Blocky Roads

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