Angry Birds Star Wars gets a pretty big content update include a Lard Vader fight

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Written by AndrewH

Rovio has released a pretty big update with regard to Angry Birds Star Wars which appears to be wrapping up this edition of the The exorcist series for the business. This update provides a total of 30 new levels to the game along with a big employer fight with the primary bad guys themselves, Lard Vader and also the Emperor.

The 30 new levels are actually split into 2 groups of 15 amounts. As the update description describes the new amounts, 15 of them are space battles featuring a massive Imperial Star Destroyer while the additional final 15 Dying Star levels are where you go to become a true Jedi Master. Once you have done those amounts it will be on to the big boss fights along with Lard Vader and the Emperor.

There also happens to be some hidden treats added to the game with this update including Two bonuses stages you can unlock as well as 6 additional character to play as. Whether this particular actually wraps up this particular installment into the Angry Birds Star Wars series or otherwise remains to be seen however the update is now available for download off of Search engines Play.

Google Play Hyperlink: Angry Birds Star Wars

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