Angry Birds Star Wars II updated with new characters and level to fling your way through

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Written by AndrewH

Rovio has pressed out a new revise for their Angry Birds Star Wars II game which brings with it not only news amounts but also new usable characters as well. Presently there also happens to be new secret chapters to try to find as well for those of you who like to find everything hidden in every single sport you play.

So who are the new characters which have arrived in this revise? As you may know this game sports activities somewhere along the lines of more than 30 playable figures that you can unlock and also the four new additions to the roster are Hologram Darth Sidious, Red Battle Android, Silver C3PO, and Shadowtrooper. All four character are available through earning them as you play the game or straight up purchasing all of them for those of you who are much less patient.

As for new levels, the Angry Birds The exorcist II update comes with 8 new secret levels to try and find. They are found but hunting down the hidden treasure maps that are in the game. Along with the new characters in this game, each one has their own new benefits chapter as well.

This revise is now live on Search engines Play and is available for download whenever you possess a couple of spare moments to grab it.

Google Play Link: Angry Birds Star Wars II

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