Groupees Android games bundle now on sale, contains 8 game so far

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Written by AndrewH

While the Humble Package deal tends to be considered the best bundle sale that happens for any platform, there are a few other similar companies and sales out there as well. One of these is Groupees and it is usually considered as one of the better bundle saled\\s most of the time for PC games. The company is attempting their hand at expanding though and also have launched their very first PC/Android game bundle purchase today.

The Groupees sale work basically the same way because the Humble Bundle will, offering you a selection of video games that you\’ll get for whatever price you want to spend. The minimum prices are $1 and they do recommend a price for the package deal as well. When you purchase this bundle, you will get each game for both PC and Google android, not just one or the other.

Groupees PC/Android Bundle Titles:

– Acid Rain
– Blocks of Pyramid Breaker
– Catch the Monkey
– Coconut Dodge
— GRave Defense HD
— Ghost Puzzle
– Space Leap
– Tonga

This is a Nuts Play themed package deal in case you were wondering why all the games are from that organization. If Groupees sees 250+ bundles sold, a nineth sport called dab-Titan will be added to the current bundle. There is a little over 6 and a half days residing in this bundle for those of you interested in picking 1 up.

Official Website: Groupees PC/Android Games Bundle

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