Spacetime Games releases the Tarlock\’s Wrath expansion for Arcane Legends, all games getting seasonal updates December 17th

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Written by AndrewH

Spacetime Games offers released their new expansion for their mobile MMORPG called Arcane Legends. This expansion is called Tarlock\’s Anger and is available for obtain now. However the organization doesn\’t plan to hold on there as every game in the Legends and Fight franchise will be getting possibly an expansion or even seasonal update on December 17th, The year 2013.

In terms of expansion size, Tarlock\’s Wrath is a pretty decent sized one with a brand new storyline and missions to work your way through, a new town to visit, and new weaponry, armor and pets to collect. There\’s also a complete of four bosses with regard to players to attempt to defeat.

Tarlock\’s Wrath features:

– 5 pets
– Nine armor sets
– Six vanity sets
– Six weapon sets
– Four bosses
– One town
– 6 crafting recipes

For those of you who play Arcane Legends, the download can be obtained and will automatically start when you log in to the game. As for the other titles in Spacetime Games\’ catalog, they will all be getting updated one way or another on December 17th.

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