Square Enix begins teasing Final Fantasy VI with new screenshots of the upcoming game

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Written by AndrewH

Square Enix has decided to mock the mobile video gaming world with a screen shot of their upcoming accessory for the Final Fantasy franchise that is Final Fantasy VI. While there isn\’t a whole lot of particulars regarding this next payment into the popular RPG franchise, we do get to see a little of the game in these new screenshots.

This game can also be reported supposed to come out this year for both Google android and iOS but unless of course Square Enix plans on releasing it in the next few weeks, it\’s looking like Final Fantasy VI will actually end up being released early next year instead. Obviously it would be great if it really makes a 2013 launch.

As for pricing, you may expect it to follow along the lines of previous Final Fantasy titles when it comes to cost. So it could be anywhere from $10-$16 in price. Considering this is later on in the series, we are guessing it\’ll property around the $15.99 tag. When more information is announced, we\’ll publish an update. This can most likely be the final installment into the Final Fantasy franchise for awhile because Square Enix has stated that Final Fantasy VII and more recent titles won\’t be arriving anytime soon. That is why the following series the company creates will be their Dragon Quest franchise.

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