Android Game Sale Round-Up: BattleFriends at Sea, Majesty: Northern Expansion and more

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Written by AndrewH

It is about that time once again to gather this week\’s Android games that are on sale at this time. While we didn\’t perform one mid-week this week due to covering Gamescom 2013, we all do get to do a round-up for that end of this week. This week\’s list isn\’t the biggest in the world however each game upon here is a pretty good title.

So without further hold off on our part, here\’s this week\’s round-up of all the Android games for sale. As always just click on the name of the game you\’re interested in to be taken over to its Google Perform listing.

– Star Armada RTS by Dancing Cat Improvement on sale for $0.99

– Splendor: Northern Expansion by Herocraft on sale for $1.30

– Minesweeper Pro by IT Benefit for sale for $0.99

– BattleFriends in Tanks by Tequila Cellular on sale for $0.99

– BattleFriends on the ocean by Tequila Cellular on sale for $0.99

– Metal Fist Boxing through RealTech VR on sale for $1.93

– Suspect In Sight by Jujubee for sale for $0.99

As always, should you spot a game for sale that isn\’t on this checklist, be sure to leave a comment below with the game name, price and a link to this so everyone can make the most of it.

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