[Updated] Amazon puts the LG G2 phone on sale for $199 off-contract for a limited time

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Written by AndrewH

We don\’t usually publish about Android products going on sale mainly because there are plenty of other sites out there that cover this type of thing. However every so often there is a sale so great we just have to post about it and that happens to be the case today with LG\’s G2 Android phone on Amazon going for $199 for any limited time. Did we mention this is the Verizon wireless?and AT&T\’s off-contract price?

Update November Seventh, 2013 12:08pm PST: Appears like Amazon fixed their own mistake. Whoever obtained in on the offer during the super low price, congrats!

Seriously, one of the best Android phones of the year taking a mere $199 off-contract is definitely something to share with you, our readers. There is one little problem though right now and that is Amazon is actually temporarily out of stock around the LG G2 already. This is most likely due to each and every Android site on the internet posting about this sale in the past hour and everybody rushing over there to buy one.

Does this mean you can\’t take advantage of the deal? Not at all. You can still purchase this phone for the $199 off-contract price. The only thing you need to know is it might take a bit longer for the unit to deliver since Amazon has to wait until there is much more in stock.

Whether this prices are a mistake or just a ridiculously awesome sale remains to be seen. We suggest when you\’re planning to catch this phone for this price that you do this now before the price is changed. Also make sure you\’re aware this is for Verizon and AT&Capital t customers only. If you wish to go on-contract, this telephone will set you back a mere $49.99. This deal ends November 11th, 2013 for Verizon. AT&T customers have to hold back until their sale officially starts.

Amazon Market Hyperlink: LG G2 sale (Verizon wireless) | LG G2 sale (AT&T)

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