Mad Catz and Nvidia working together to bring GameStream to the Mojo console

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Written by AndrewH

The upcoming Mojo Android-powered gaming console by Mad Catz is nearing its official retail launch and it looks like it will be a little more appealing when it finally does go on purchase thanks to Mad Catz and Nvidia working together to bring Nvidia\’s GameStream technology to the console. Although this feature most likely won\’t make it in time for the actual console\’s launch, it is prepared for it to arrive within an update shortly afterwards.

In an interview Mad Catz Public relations Director Alex Verrey said that each companies are working together to create Nvidia\’s GameStream technology to the Mojo console. This feature recently turned up in an OTA update with regard to Nvidia\’s portable gaming system Shield. GameStream allows players in order to stream PC games for their Shield device in your area. The OTA update for the Shield is the initial step towards integration with Nvidia\’s GRID which is a full cloud-based game streaming platform similar to past services like OnLive.

This marks the very first time that a 3rd party organization and their product will be getting the GameStream technology. Strangely enough Mad Catz is also taking a look at other services and the possibility of having them integrated into their console too such as Steam.

The Mad Catz Mojo game console is planned for retail launch before the upcoming holiday season and will retail for around $249.

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