Blocky Roads will be bringing car crafting and Minecraft style to Android soon

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Written by AndrewH

Minecraft and even video games earlier than that have made a trend over the last couple of years with games showcasing the blocky style of visuals being released. The good thing about this particular trend is that the majority of the games released using this style of visual happen to end up being good and enjoyable games to experience. Dogbyte Games has a brand new title heading our way soon that features this style of visuals called Blocky Roads.

Aside out of this game featuring exactly the same blocky look that Mine craft has, Blocky Roads also allows for car crafting but this isn\’t just a creating game by itself. It is actually a racing game where you can craft your personal cars, literally. Then you get to race our creations after you\’ve constructed them. There is a complete of nine vehicles that you can build combined with the ability to customize your character as well.

There is really a selection of tracks you are able to race on against computer controlled opponents. No word on whether there will be multiplayer involved just yet. Hopefully sooner or later there will be open vehicle crafting instead of just the actual set nine vehicles you can make as well.

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