So what did you get for Christmas this year? A new Android device or something equally as awesome?

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Written by AndrewH

\’Tis the day after Xmas and all threw the house, everyone was stirring about including the mouse. New Android devices being set-up and fill with new games, have you get a new devices or even are you still sporting exactly the same? Okay so maybe my rhyming isn\’t the best but it is the day after Christmas and there should be plenty of new Android users out there as well as existing customers with new Android devices.

So like we all do each year, we request our readers the things they snagged for Christmas. Have you get that new Android phone you were hoping to get? Perhaps you got a new pill to play with. Anybody get an Nvidia Shield with regard to Christmas or one of the Android-powered game consoles that are now available? Did you buy a lot of games with all the sales going on?

While I personally didn\’t get a new Android device in the traditional sense this year, we do have a few review products we have recently received that we will actually do reviews on finally. Therefore expect those evaluations heading your way within the very near future.

However, for now, what new Google android devices did everyone get this year? Depart a comment beneath with what goodies you have for Christmas. If you got something that is not Android related but still really cool, let us know about it as well! We hope all of us have had a wonderful Xmas this year.

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