Upcoming Unreal-powered Godfire: Rise of Prometheus finally gets a teaser trailer

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Written by AndrewH

A couple of week ago we discussed Vivid Games that has announced their latest Unreal Engine driven title Godfire: Rise associated with Prometheus which will be making its way to Android quickly. Unfortunately at the time we first posted relating to this game, we didn\’t have any sort of trailer open to watch and see the gameplay.

Many people were questioning if this would be an on-rails type of game or maybe it will be free moving. The game will evidently allow players may have full control of their own character which indicates that this could very well not be some kind of on-rails type of game. If it is then players have full control over their characters in fight then. Even with the new trailer, which is really more of a teaser trailer showing some of the Alpha gmeplay footage, it\’s hard to tell if this sport is on-rails or not.

Visually, the sport looks pretty good, particularly if that is considered Alpha footage from Godfire: Increase of Prometheus. However all of us still have a bit of a wait ahead of us since this game isn\’t slated for release till early 2014. Of course as more details emerge we\’ll keep everyone current.

Official Website: Godfire: Rise associated with Prometheus

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