[Updated] The 4-player multiplayer combat game Meltdown set to arrive onto Android tomorrow

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Written by AndrewH

Bulkypix has Single Wolf heading the way soon but in the meantime the company has a rather fun looking multi-player combat game known as Meltdown that will be producing its way to Android tomorrow. Players will take charge of their space marine of choice before heading out into a system filled world littered with robots and other opponents to worry about.

Update: November Seventh, 2013 10:03am PST: Crisis is now available from Google Play. The hyperlink has been added to the foot of the article.

In total there are 30 different levels to work your way via in single-player or you can group up with up to three additional friends and make your way through any and all of those levels as well. Regulates are pretty fascinating as well, with a single tap to move along with a double-tap to roll your character.

Meltdown Features:

– Intense real time 3D fights
– At random generated levels for a high replay value
– Hero and weapons optimized skill tree
– Intelligent cover management system: choose when go to cover so when to rush in to action!
– Big employer fights with unique abilities (and more not far off)
– Online cross-platform Co-op Mode? (iOS-Android) as much as 4 players

There is a skill tree available as well so you can customize your own little guy a little more to your liking. Levels are randomly generated therefore the game will be different each time you play it. Multiplayer is where the meat of this game will end up becoming.

As for when this game may arrive tomorrow, there is no specific time mentioned, only that it\’ll be tomorrow. If you\’re interested in this game, it\’ll cost you $1.99 to grab a copy of Crisis when it launches. When it is released, we\’ll publish an update right here.

Google Play Link: Meltdown

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