[Updated] Mech Conquest will be making the jump from Facebook to Android tomorrow

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Written by AndrewH

A new motion strategy game is going to be heading to Android this Thursday called Mech Conquest. Currently this game is already open to play over upon Facebook but the organization behind the game has been working to port Mech Conquest over to Android and will finally release the mobile version of the game the next day.

Update Oct. 31st, 2013 9:14am PST: Mech Conquest has become available worldwide on the internet Play. Added the hyperlink to its listing beneath.

Mech Conquest basically puts gamers in charge of building up their very own fleet of warships and other ships that you\’ll need to prosper. While you are doing that you\’re also creating your own giant mech robot. Once you\’ve built yours, you\’ll be battling it out with other real players within an ongoing intergalactic war which are usually taking place. As you build up your resources and obtain stronger, you\’ll be able to upgrade your mech as well with new weapons, armor along with other goodies.

This game seems to have some TCG elements to it in regards to your pilots but when it comes down to combat, you\’ll be taking the helm of the mech involved and going in internet marketing with whatever participant you happen to be battling in those days.

For those of you interested in checking this game out, you will need to wait till Thursday Oct 31st, 2013 to download it unless you hop over to Myspace and play it presently there. As for pricing, Mech Conquest will be available on Google Perform for free.

Google Play Link: Mech Conquest

Official Website: Mech Conquest Facebook

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