Chillingo releases Dead Ahead – An endless zombie filled game with plenty of blood

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Written by AndrewH

Chillingo has launched their newest game titles onto Android called Lifeless Ahead. This particular game is definitely an endless \’driving\’ zombie-filled game exactly where you\’ll be doing your best not to be captured by some rather quick zombies. While the goal is to not get caught, you can trick these zombies into dieing in various innovative ways such as leading them to smack into the back again of a car.

Doing this kind to creative zombie killing will incentive you with plenty of blood and heads rolling down the street whilst you generate away on your bicycle. As you progress additional into the game you\’ll be able to upgrade your ride and weaponry to create your zombie killing a little more efficient.

Dead Ahead Features:

? An action-packed endless zombie runner
? Quirky spontaneity and pixel-inspired visuals
? Pimp your trip and upgrade your weapons
? Total missions to rank up and earn greater rewards
? Personalize and share your personal progress banner

For those of you searching for a zombie-filled arcade game to kill some spare time with, you can pick up a copy of Dead Ahead through Google Play for free. You can also check out the sport in action by viewing the trailer below.

Google Play Links: Dead Ahead (North America) | Dead Forward (International)

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