Thanksgiving Android Game Sale Round-Up: RipTide GP2, Anomaly Korea, Order & Chaos Online and more

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Written by AndrewH

Yesterday we published the first of what will be numerous lists of Google android games on sale within the next few days. Since then a lot more games have gone on sale whether it be to commemorate Thanksgiving, tomorrow becoming Black Friday or just the fact that the next few days are all considered to be major sale says.

With having said that, here is the updated list of games currently for sale for this holiday weekend break. This list does not include the current BulkyPix Black Fri game sale which you can check out over in its own article we published earlier today. Their list does include video games from yesterday\’s round-up as well as the new games that have gone on sale since that time. Those new games will be at the top of the list.

– Anomaly Korea by 11 Bit Studios for sale for $0.99

– The Amazing Spider-Man through Gameloft on sale for $0.99

– RipTide GP2 through Vector Unit on sale for $0.99

– Infinite Universe through Tin Man Video games on sale for $1.99

– Test of the Clone by Tin Man Video games on sale for $0.99

– Incredipede by Sarah Northway on sale with regard to $0.99

– Order & Chaos Online by Gameloft on sale with regard to $0.99

– Majesty: Northern Growth by Herocraft on sale for $0.99

– Need for Speed: Most Wanted by EA for sale for $1.99 (Worldwide Version Here)

– Skylanders Battleground by Activision on sale for $2.99

– Shadowrun Returns by Harebrained Schemes on sale for $6.99

– Large Sword by Monster Robot Studios on sale for $0.99

– Drisk by Electrowolff Video games on sale for $0.99

– Contre Jour by Chillingo on sale for $0.99

– The Bard\’s Tale by inXile Amusement on sale for $0.99

– Principia through BitHack on sale for $0.99

– Choplifter HD by inXile Entertainment on sale for $0.99

– Prince associated with Persia: Shadow & Flame by Ubisoft on sale for $0.99

– Cut The Rope HD by Zeptolab on sale with regard to $0.99

– Spirits by Space of Play on sale for $0.99

– Fight Fight Zombanite! by MojoBox Games on sale for $2.49

– Dummy Defense by Jundroo on sale with regard to $0.99

– SimplePhysics by Jundroo on sale with regard to $0.99

– Rusted Warfare RTS through Corroding Games on sale for $1.99

– Geometry Dash by RobTop Games on sale for $0.99

– God of Blades by White Whale Video games on sale for $0.99

– Nothing 2 by Azure Shadow Games for sale for $0.99

– Jet Established Radio by Sega for sale for $1.99

– Virtual Tennis Challenge by Sega on sale for $1.99

– Crazy Taxi by Sega on sale for $1.99

– Total War Battles by Sega on sale for $0.99

– Sonic Jump through Sega on sale for $0.99

– Assess Dredd: Countdown Sec 106 by Tin Man Games for sale for $2.99

If you spot a game on sale that isn\’t on this list, be sure to leave a comment below with the sport name, price and a link to it therefore everyone can take advantage of this. There will be plenty much more coming our excess of the next few days. We will post updates as more games arrive for sale.

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