Next year you\’ll be able to create your own games for Android with Createrria

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Written by AndrewH

There is a very fascinating application heading to Google android in the early part of 2014 known as Createrria. Developed by Incuvo, this software will allow those of you who\’re creative or want to try your hand at making games for Google android to do just that, create and share games for Android. The really interesting part relating to this is that you\’ll be doing this on your Android gadget.

Createrria will allow users to construct their own mobile games, play them as well as share them with friends. The application will allow the creation of just about any type of sport you might want to try your hand at creating. This means you can build platformers, physics-based bigger picture games, RPGs or even whatever else you ma have ideas for.

Createrria Functions:

? Level painting – Paint level with your fingers C simply swipe your finger to paint terrain for your next excellent game!
? Graphics themes – 4 great looking, distinct image themes (Pixel, Shadow, Smooth and Candy)
? Different technicians. Craft your sport C create platformers, aim-and-shoot games, Rube Goldberg design contraptions C or simply mix everything to make some thing completely new with Createrria 2D sandbox
? Avatars – Choose your incredible avatar. Feeling a bit Zombie today? Adore block pixels? What about ginger cookies and cowboys? There is something for you!
? Creator community – Just one faucet and your game is going to be published to worldwide Createrria community and Facebook. Your friends will play, like and comment your own games, and you can play theirs. It\’s like youtube for video games!
? Inventory – Dozens of building blocks ready for your creativity. Terrain, blocks, decors, memorabilia, enemies, various devices, teleports, doors and much, much more!
? Share creation and play videos – Just defeat the score? Had an epic fail? Created best game ever? Share video of the creation or play on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter! You can also add commentary for your fans.
? Facebook integration – Log in with your Facebook account to share your masterpieces with Facebook friends

As you can observe from the above functions list, Createrria is a complete suite almost for making games but it just happens to be in the form of an application that you use on your Google android device. As far as promoting your games, we do not know of any program in place to allow for which. This could change obviously but as of right now you can just share your creations.

As for when the Android version of Createrria will be released, all we know is that it\’ll arrive sometime in the beginning of 2014. Price-wise Createrria can be obtained for download free of charge but does contain IAPs for additional assets you should use in building your games.

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