Samsung\’s GamePad is now an official thing, available in Europe only for right now

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Written by AndrewH

Samsung has officially made their game controller for their mobile phones a thing now, letting it go to market already within Europe while everywhere else in the world will be able to purchase it soon. Of course that is if you don\’t already possess a MOGA controller, or a SteelSeries 1, or a Nyko controller, or any number of ones already available and able to be used with pretty much any kind of Android device.

Of course you can see by the design of Samsung\’s GamePad that its direct levels of competition are the already popular MOGA series of controllers that PowerA has been releasing for a while now. This control features almost everything you\’d want in one including D-pad, Two analog sticks, Two trigger buttons, and 4 buttons around the front. It supports NFC, HID as well as Bluetooth 3.Zero which means it should have no problem being used with most Android devices, not just Samsung\’s own.

The GamePad can also be fed into your HDTV via HDMI-out or through Samsung\’s AllShare Screen Mirroring if you own a compatible television. The large thing though is game support since if there\’s no video games support it, then your controller is useless. Samsung has said you will see 35 titles available at launch with plenty more arriving in 2014, all of which can be easily found with a special \’Play\’ button that will list all available compatible games.

As with regard to pricing, Samsung hasn\’t announced that just yet and it is only available in Europe right now. Average folks will be able to pick one up in the next couple of weeks.

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