Sega puts five Sonic the Hedgehog games on sale for the holiday season

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Written by AndrewH

With only a few times left before Christmas everyone with an Android device can expect a ridiculous amount of games being put on sale over the next day or 2. There are plenty already for sale and even more happening too and Sega has jumped into the mix by putting most of their Sonic The Hedgehog titles on sale for Christmas.

This sale includes the new Sound Jump game as well as four other present Sonic the Hedgehog video games that Sega has launched onto Android.

– Sound CD for $0.99
– Sonic 4 Episode I for $0.99
— Sonic 4 Occurrence II for $0.99
— Sonic Jump for $0.99
– Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing for $0.99

All games can be found through Sega\’s Google Play listing so hit up the link below to snag a game or two if you don\’t have all of these.

Google Play Link: Sega

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