Android Game Sale Round-Up: World of Goo, Prince of Persia, Fieldrunners 2 and more

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Written by AndrewH

Welcome to another end-of-the-week round-up associated with Android games which are on sale right now. Usually we talked about how either the list is actually small but filled with quality games or that the list of games on sale is big with a few good titles thrown in there. This week nevertheless is a little different since the list is pretty great in size and just regarding every game on sale in this list is a good one.

So without further hold off on our part, here are the games currently on sale over on Google Play. Such as always, click on the mission\’s name to head to its Google Play listing.

– World of Goo by 2D Boy on sale for $0.99

– Planets Defense through Lightworks Games on sale with regard to $0.99

– Firejumpers – Wildfire RTS by Redblox Games on sale for $0.99

– Prince of Persia: The cisco kid and The Flame by Ubisoft on sale for $0.99

– The small Bang Story through Herocraft on sale for $0.99

– Plantation Frenzy by Herocraft for sale for $0.99

– Lemegeton Master Model by Lantansia on sale for $2.00

– Fieldrunners 2 by Subatomic Galleries on sale for $0.99

– Fieldrunners High definition by Subatomic Studios on sale for $0.99

– M&M Conflict of Heroes by Ubisoft on sale for $0.99

– Adventure Bar Story by RideonJapan on sale for $1.44

– Rebuild by Sarah Northway on sale for $0.99

– Osmos HD through Hemisphere Games on sale with regard to $0.99

– Giana Sisters by Kaasa Games on sale for $1.00

– Beauty of Generals HD through EasyTech on sale for $1.29

– Talisman Prologue HD by Thumbstar Games on sale for $0.99

As always, if you spot a game on sale that isn\’t on this checklist, be sure to leave a comment below with the game name, cost and a link to this so everyone can make the most of it.

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