Marvel announces two games heading to Android worldwide soon – Marvel Run Jump Smash! and Marvel: Avengers Alliance

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Written by AndrewH

NY Comic Disadvantage had a few other video gaming related announcements while the event was happening and these were through Marvel Entertainment that announced two new games that will be making their appearance on Google android in the near future. One game is already out on iOS called Wonder: Avengers Alliance while the second sport is MARVEL RUN Leap SMASH! will be starting on multiple platforms including Android worldwide.

Currently only available in South korea, MARVEL RUN JUMP SMASH! is a new action running game which features a variety of well-known Marvel super heroes but with a bit more of the cartoon style of art to them and much bigger heads. This game is a bit of a mash-up between an endless runner and a side-scrolling game game. While the primary of MARVEL RUN JUMP SMASH! has players controlling different super heroes as they run endlessly through different places, collecting coins as well as avoiding hazards, you will also have to take down any kind of enemies that get inside your way using different moves and unique attacks.

Marvel\’s second statement was in regards to their other game known as Marvel: Avenger Alliance which is already out on iOS and Facebook. The announcement contained information about an upcoming content update for the current iOS title as well as the official exposing of an Android edition that will be heading our way on The fall of 21st, 2013. Farmville basically has players creating a team of heroes to fight it out with various groups of villains, all trying to get their own hands on ISO-8 and use its power for whatever they want.

The new content material revealed in the statement is actually themed round the upcoming Thor: The Darkish World movie where gamers journey to Birmingham and beyond in an attempt to stop Malekith and the Dark Elves from marching on Midgard. It actually sounds fairly similar to the upcoming Thor sport from Gameloft as well which is also based off of the approaching movie. This is just part of the new content which falls under the Special Ops section. There will also be a new chapter added to the game too with even more content, all of which should arrive in the Android version as well when it is released.

From the upcoming Thor Unique Ops mission

Marvel: Avengers Alliance also functions PvP which is almost a tournament type of gameplay which is held in Seasons. A new period will be starting in the actually game soon but we will have to wait until the game is actually released onto Android before we can take part, unless you want to play on Facebook. PvP benefits include new figures to play as such as this new Season\’s reward will be Deadpool.

Other characters is going to be arriving in the game soon such as Punisher and the Animal which players will be able to recruit when they launch. Any of the new content in the upcoming iOS update should also be available when the Android version is released this The fall of 2013.

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