99 Waves to Die brings retro dual-stick arcade shooter action to Android

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Written by AndrewH

Retro style video games are always fun in order to dig into, particularly if you were around whenever games like these actually came out and had been considered high-tech back in the day. SpookyFish Video games have released their first game onto Android called 99 Waves to Die which is such as taking one of those old-fashioned arcade shooter games from back in the day, dragging it through time as well as putting it on your Android device.

99 Surf to Die features 8-bit retro style graphics combined with a survival design game. You have 3 lives just like you did when you were shedding quarters into your favorite arcade shooter game back in the day, scarce power-ups along with a smart bomb you should use once in awhile when issues get tough. That\’s all you have at your disposal to try and use in order to success as long as possible.

As a person progress through the game, trying to survive until wave 99, issues get increasingly more difficult and surviving turns into a real challenge. Regulates are pretty simple – two joysticks and two buttons.?

For those of you who enjoy playing these retro style games you can pick up 99 Surf to Die off of Google Play for $1.Ninety nine.

Google Play Link: 99 Waves to Die

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