Three games currently in soft launches you should check out if you can, global releases coming soon

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Written by AndrewH

Over the past few times there have been a few video games that have been released as a soft launch specific to certain countries within like Canada, Sydney and a few others, order to test to make sure they are all running good. A couple of these games we\’ve talk about in the past currently, covering their unavoidable release onto Google android, and both are becoming published by EA. These games are Dungeon Keeper and Heroes of Dragon Age. The 3rd game is actually from LucasArts called Tiny Death Star.

Dungeon Keeper, for those of you who missed our previous protection, players will be put into the role of being the overlord of your very own underground dungeon. This means you\’re not the good guy in this game but actually the bad man instead. You\’ll need to develop your dungeon with different areas while having to make sure you have the proper defenses in position to deal with heroes in the realm wanting a bit of your loot or simply your head.

So essentially Dungeon Keeper is really a blend of city creating, tower defense as well as strategy gaming. While there is single-player content available, gamers will also be able to go facing other players by invading their dungeons. I was correct in guessing that this would be a free-to-play game so it\’ll cost you nothing to download if you have access to it.

The second game now currently inside a soft launch is actually Heroes of Dragon Age which we have also discussed already. This game has been developed by the former BioWare Sacramento studio which is now called EA Capital. This is a rather cool looking game that takes impact from physical tablet top games like Warhammer in style.

Players will type squads of characters, which can include animals as well, and fight it out with the criminals. As progress with the game you will be able to collect more heroes and creatures (a different rarities of each) to use and tweak your squads along with. While there are plenty of quests to complete and employer fights to enjoy, multi-player does look like it will be apart of the game as well.

Lastly we have yesterday\’s release of Tiny Death Star by LucasArts. If the game\’s design looks familiar that is because this was a collaboration with between LucasArts/Disney and NimbleBit. In fact the game is a lot like NimbleBit\’s hit game Tiny Tower for the reason that you will be building the actual Death Star, albeit a tiny one, with more than 80 types of Star Wars themed residential and commercial flooring.

Of course you have the Bitizens as well (over 30 distinctive species) who will come and visit/live in the Dying Star as it is being build. This does consist of Wookiees and Ewoks which makes this an automatic win currently. You\’ll also be able to develop secret areas where you are building up the Dark Side\’s forces and can actually capture Rebel spies as they try to examine things out.

All three games are available to download for free and all three contain IAPs although from what we can tell they are not really game breaking if you don\’t buy them. In terms of global release dates and current availability, Tiny Death Star is available with regard to residents of Sydney and possibly another country or two. Each Dungeon Keeper and Heroes of Monster Age are available in Canada, Sydney, Singapore and a few other countries. No word on once the global launch will be for Tiny Death Star and Heroes of Dragon Age although it should be pretty soon. Dungeon Keeper is actually slated for a global release \’this Winter\’.

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