HyperDevBox announces that Record of Agarest War will be arriving in a few weeks

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Written by AndrewH

Back in This summer of this year all of us reported on HyperDevBox launching their next sport which is called Record of Agarest War. Since then the company has been working hard developing the game because of its debut on Android and it seems that it is almost done as the company has introduced today that Record associated with Agarest War will be arriving onto Google Play in the next few weeks.

For those of you that missed our prior article about this sport, Record of Agarest War is a tactical-style RPG which was originally a collaborative effort between a handful of different game development studios back when Record of Agarest War was originally created. Even though this is a tactics-style RPG, there were a few unique features to this game like the ability to chain or even combo attacks ought to characters in your team be standing on the appropriate squares during fight.

Since this is a tactical sport all the combat is turn-based, with one turn to move characters and something to unleash your attacks. The same goes for your own enemies as well. We now know how large this game will be and surprisingly, since this is considered to be one of the biggest tactical RPGs ever, HyperDevBox has managed to take the 6GB game as well as optimize all the data for mobile devices, diminishing it down to 1.8GB in size.

Thanks to the technology, We were able to optimize the original 6GB game data into 1.8 GB for mobile devices. However, I want to emphasize that the upcoming version is not a reduced/mobile version of the original, but retains the multimedia-rich game in its entirety, including all the unique downloadable contents. – HyperDevbox founder and Chief executive officer Carlo Perconti

So even though the company offers managed to shrink the game down in size, we will never see any of the original content gone as well as instead we can expect the entire game when it launches. As for when it will launch and a price, we don\’t have exact details about that just however, only that the game is originating in the next few weeks.

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