Gamistry brings their popular Gold Diggers game over to Android for free

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Written by AndrewH

Gamistry has had an extremely good following with one of their games on iOS called Gold Diggers. Well the company has finally decided that it is time for Android gamers to get in on the experience and have brought their Gold Diggers game over to Android. Nothing says enjoyable like drilling for as much gold as possible while dodging big worms trying to consume you.

Gold Diggers is an interesting game in that a person control a positioning machine that lets you constantly drill into the Earth in the hopes of accumulating as much gold as possible. Unfortunately there also happens to be massive earthworms and other hazards that you will have to watch out for. Luckily you should use some of that gold you collect to purchase yourself better drills, extra helpful gear and, of course, weaponry to shoot everything that gets in your method.

As you continue to change your drilling machine you\’ll be able to go further in to the Earth. As you go much deeper though the hazards will get harder as well so you\’ll have to have some fast reflexes to avoid some of these new dangers and not simply try to shoot everything in sight.

If you\’re looking for a little time killer of a game that you can play again and again, you might want to check this one out. Gold Diggers is available from Google Play for free. You can also check out the game in action in the video clip below.

Google Play Link: Gold Diggers

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