Assassin\’s Creed Pirates will be coming to Android on December 5th

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Written by AndrewH

Back near the start of September we reported on Ubisoft and the fact that they were bringing an Assassin\’s Creed game to Android called Assassin\’s Creed Pirates. At that time we didn\’t have a launch date for when this game would be showing up but now we do.

For those of you that missed our last article about this sport, Assassin\’s Creed Pirates is a naval-based title exactly where players will be in charge of Alonzo Batilia. You will be able to explore the Caribbean for glory as well as loot while having to manage your entire team as well as keep your ship as strong as you possibly can through various updates. These upgrades will be what keeps a person alive and successful when you engage an additional ship in naval warfare.

Aside from a release day for Assassin\’s Creed Pirates, which is December 5th, 2013, we also now know how much this game will cost. If you\’re looking to pick up this game if this hits Google Perform, you\’ll need to fork out $4.99 for the privilage to explore huge areas of ocean as well as shoot off cannons at other ships.

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