Cut The Rope: Time Travel, Experiments, Holiday Gift with new content for each title

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Zeptolabs has gone with an update spree for this holiday season with an update for three of their Cut The Rope games. Presently Cut The String: Time Travel, Reduce The Rope: Vacation Gift and Cut The Rope: Tests have all received a good update with brand new content for those of you who play any of these video games to work your way through.

Unlike most updates that happen to games during this time period of year, these improvements are not just content that happens to be themed around the upcoming Christmas holiday. For instance Cut The Rope: Time Travel now has a new Traditional western Era episode in order to slash ropes via and feed small Om Nom some delicious candy. However to get to this new episode you\’ll have had to get three stars on every level in the previous episode in order to unlock this.

Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift is a whole new game that is making its debut today. As you are probably guessing in the title, this is a vacation themed game showcasing the same style of gameplay as all the other Cut The Rope titles however with the added bonus of having the ability to do a Photo Greeting Card as well as using an in-app video clip player. This video player will let you watch new animated instances of \”Om Nom Stories\”.

Cut The Rope: Experiments hasn\’t received its revise just yet. Players of this installment of the business can expect to see a brand new episode called Bamboo Chutes arriving shortly a little later this 30 days. Right now though both the Cut The Rope: Period Travel update and Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift game are available for download off of Google Play for free. We also have the first official trailer for the upcoming Cut The Rope 2 sport which you can check out below. More about this game within our next article.

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