Zeptolab decides to release Cut The Rope 2 exclusive to iOS on Dec. 19th, Android to follow later

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Written by AndrewH

For whatever reason, whether it\’s the mighty dollar or something else, Zeptolab has decided to launch their upcoming sequel Cut The Rope 2 on to iOS exclusively on Dec 19th, 2013. What exactly does this mean with regard to Android gamers who are fans of the sequence and are looking forward to this particular sequel?

Well it means you will need to wait awhile longer before you can get your hands on Reduce The Rope 2. We\’re not exactly sure when the game will appear on Android becasue it is only been talked about its exclusive iOS release lately but this will certainly disappoint fans of the series who make use of Android devices.

The organization did release a brand new trailer for Cut The actual Rope 2 however which you can view below. As soon as we find out once the release will happen for Android, we will publish an update. Until then we get to a minimum of play the new Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift game that was just released today.

Google Play Link: Cut The String: Holiday Gift

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