Happy Hamster has arrived and is happy, very happy indeed

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Written by AndrewH

Developed by the 2-man studio called SaMax Entertainment, Pleased Hamster has arrived onto Search engines Play sporting a few pretty unique features to have an arcade running platformer. Nevertheless there is one mode that is an endless running sport at its core, Happy Hamster also has a job mode as well.

Regardless of what mode you perform in, you will have to build platforms, collect power-ups and steer clear of traps as you collect coins. Players may also earn skill points to put towards improving their power-ups even more. For that hamster wheel lover in your soul, you\’ll be able to buy additional parts for your much loved wheel, changing it from a plain old wheel to some customize ride.

Happy Hamster Features:

? Career Setting: Master stage after stage
? Arcade Mode: Setup new highscores! Can you beat your friends?
? Buy amazing clothes and incredible wheels for your hamster
? Reveal it on Myspace, brag with your amazing looking hamster!
? It\’s for free. No pay in order to win.

The entire sport is free and both modes provide a lot of fun as well as some hectic gameplay sometimes. Even if you are tired of endless running games you may still do Career setting in this one. On top of that you can pick this game up right now off of Google Play free of charge.

Google Play Link: Pleased Hamster

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