Upcoming Dead Trigger 2 game gets new screenshots, release date to be announced soon

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Written by AndrewH

Madfinger Games\’ upcoming Dead Trigger 2 will have it\’s official release day announced during the approaching Tokyo Game Display which starts Sept 19th, 2013. The company plans to officially introduced when this sequel will launch onto Google android during the show and they have released a set of brand new screenshots and additional details to tide everyone more than until then.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Dead Trigger franchise, the initial game was a first-person zombie filled shooter with a few pretty damn remarkable visuals. Dead Trigger 2 is going to be expanding on the original game in just regarding every facet including bosses to kill (very big ones) and a very interesting game auto technician that means even though you\’re doing single-players content, all of us have to work together with everyone else for the greater good of humanity and its survival.

Additional Dead Bring about 2 details:

– Brand new NPCs who will accompany a person during the game and a new Hide-out concept, 2 new features that will help you to savor the game even more.
– Enhanced graphic effects. You\’ll be amazed at the Realistic Water Reflections, Powerful Shadows, Dynamic Light Projectors and Dynamic Lawn. DEAD TRIGGER Two graphics also include Per-pixel Lights and Advanced Ragdoll Physics.
– New locations. Join the global opposition, visit different places and fight against local zombies in Shanghai, London or in the middle of the desert far away in Africa.
– A real time and never-ending story that will be affected by the behavior of every single player. Take part in the worldwide Resistance and along with millions of other players, fight for a better globe.
– Sinister brand new boss AI that promises to completely change gameplay. This means no more repetitive gameplay for you personally!
– A free to play game with no premium content or high quality weapons. Everything is open to everyone! Find plans and build up new weapons and devices.
– Multi-platforms with one account. Dead Bring about 2 will be launched for iOS and Android, as well as on Steam, Mac and Facebook.

Dead Bring about 2 will basically be a never ending game thanks to that new sport mechanic. Another good feature is the ability to have single login so that you can play on any platform with your one accounts.

When we hand a few hands-on time with an early build of this sport earlier in the year, it had been pretty fun and really good looking back then. Because Madfinger Games plans to announce a release day shortly, it must imply the game is pretty near to finally being done. We are sure to post a good update when we discover when Dead Trigger 2 may launch. Until then, enjoy the new screenshots.

Developer Website: Madfinger Games

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