Cyanogen becomes a company thanks to $7 million in funding, official installer on the way

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Written by AndrewH

While we don\’t usually post about various versions of Android that are being produced by third-party groups such as the truly popular CyanogenMod but present day news make the best for us considering this specific ROM has more than 8 million users, a lot of which study DroidGamers. It looks like the company is about to go mainstream as Cyanogen Inc is now anything thanks to the fresh $7 zillion in funding the organization has just received via Benchmark Capital as well as Redpoint Ventures.

The goal would be to make Cyanogen Mod the third biggest mobile operating system, even if it is a fork of the Android OS. Right now iOS as well as Android are the dominate forces in the cellular scene, taking third and fourth place where a 3rd place is not even close to the two os\’s. That leaves a pretty big opening for the Range of motion that has steadily developed over the past four years.

One from the big hurdles which CyanogenMod has faced is actually installing the OS onto mobile devices. It isn\’t the easiest process in the world for a lot of people. This really is one issue that the company is planning to deal with pretty quickly with plans to release an official CyanogenMod Installer through Google Play.

The install procedure still sucks – it\’s pretty raw. – Steve Kondik, Cyanogen Inc

CyanogenMod has been presenting new features and improved ones for Google android users throughout the ROMs 4 years of existence. Currently in the works is really a new camera app and a more secure messaging system since, according to CEO Kirt McMaster, the experience right now on Android is fairly crappy. We\’d need to agree with that.

So since the company has plenty of financial funding they have already hired on a group of 17 extra developers to work on CyanogenMod. The main goal for the immediate future is getting the one-click installer carried out which will apparently find Google Play in the next few weeks. The other goal has been to partner track of a manufacturer to obtain the OS on devices as the stock operating-system. This has also been effective and Cyanogen Inc intends to announce their new hardware partner within the coming weeks as well.

It will be interesting to determine how well this operating system picks up after the installer is launched, making it much more accessible to everyone, as well as who their own hardware partner is actually. Congratulations to the people over Cyanogen Inc, 4 years of work looks to finally be paying off. The company has no intends to start charging for his or her operating system and plans to keep it 100% free. There are ideas on how to pull a profit but those are not being talked about by yet.

Our prediction — Google goes to buy-out Cyanogen Inc within 2 years if not sooner.

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