Typography and font fans can now play Type:Rider, now available for Android

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Written by AndrewH

For those of you who\’re fanatics about typography and funky fonts there is actually now a game out that focuses around the topic of fonts all through different time periods. Developed by European cultural TV channel Arte and authored by Bulkypix onto Google Play, Type:Rider will appeal to your passion for fonts even though you will be playing as 2 dots.

Type:Rider is a really artwork focused game where the aesthetics of the game are more of the stage then actually playing the game itself. You\’ll travel through each time period ranging from the Rock Age with rock and roll paintings and drawings to pixel art fonts and everything in between. Most major font types are shown away in this game too so you should recognize plenty of them.

Type:Rider Features:

? 10 planets echoing key periods of the typograhy\’s history
? Breath-taking artworks and music vibes
? Immersive and intriguing atmosphere
? Three types of controls: accelerometer, control keys and intuitive
? Great historic archives and paintings

This sport is a adventure puzzle game in style and you\’ll be riding more than and along all the different fonts that are offered in this game. Type:Rider is definitely not a game for everyone but if you\’re into typography and things of that nature then you\’ll probably appreciate this game. Grabbing a duplicate of Type:Rider will set you back $3.Sixty four off of Google Play.

Google Play Link: Kind:Rider

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