Halfbrick starts teasing Colossatron: Massive World Threat again with new trailer

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Written by AndrewH

Back in This summer of this year Halfbrick started teasing their new game called Colossatron: Massive World Threat. No jetpacks, absolutely no ninjas and no fruit with this particular game but instead we obtain to have fun with a giant robot snake going on a rampage. After the company\’s initial teasing of this game, we\’ve not heard much about it since until now.

Halfbrick will quickly release another truck for this game in addition to a more solid launch time frame as to whenever we can expect it to produce. As it stands right now, Colossatron will be heading to mobile devices before the end of the season. Unfortunately Halfbrick is also known for releasing their games onto iOS first and then bringing it to Android afterwards. What this means is we could end up not receiving the game until early next year.

In the interim though we do have a new trailer which is fashioned after a information report once again. As for pricing, no word on that just yet as well. Enjoy the trailer and we\’ll post an update as more information arrives.

Official Website: Colossatron

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