[Updated] DotEmu\’s Double Dragon Trilogy release could be arriving onto Google Play tomorrow

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Written by AndrewH

Back in Oct of this year DotEmu introduced that they would be getting the Double Dragon Trilogy in order to mobile platforms after this year. Well word on the street is that the next day is the day whenever we\’ll finally be able to get our hands on all three retro arcade games: Double Dragon, Dual Dragon 2: The Revenge, and Dual Dragon 3: The actual Rosetta Stone.

Update Dec. 5rd, 2013 7:21am PST: The Dual Dragon Trilogy is now available on Google Play for $2.99. We\’ve additional the link to Search engines Play below.

Update 12 ,. 3rd, 2013 Ten:49am PST: It has been confirmed that the Trilogy is indeed coming to Google android tomorrow as well. We\’ll post another update when it lands on Google Play. Thanks to metalcasket within the comments!

This isn\’t recognized word from DotEmu the games are coming tomorrow but the clients are pretty good at delivering their titles on to Android and iOS at the same time. Right now the trilogy offers appeared on the New Zealand iOS store which means it will be arriving for iOS worldwide tomorrow as well. This means there is a excellent chance us Android gamers will be getting it as well.


– Two game settings: \”Arcade\” (play the game through beginning to end and go for the high score) and \”Story\” (unlock new stages and achievements whilst playing through the game)
– Customizable controls
– Three difficulty levels: \”mobile\” (specially well balanced for mobile games), \”original\” (similar to the arcade version) and \”expert\” (a real problem!)
– Achievements & leaderboards Google Perform Game Service
– Choose between the original 8-bit soundtrack and a brand-new remastered one!
– Co-op mode (two players) by way of bluetooth
– Gamepad support: compatible with most Android controllers

Of course this doesn\’t mean it is 100% that we\’ll see the trilogy tomorrow however considering past release history from DotEmu there is a very good chance we\’ll be getting it as well. We will be sure to post an update if this trilogy truly does arrive tomorrow.

Google Perform Link: Double Monster Trilogy

Website Referenced: Touch Arcade

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