Isometric 3D puzzler Zebuloids has arrived, stop the Vogelz from looting your world

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Written by AndrewH

AMA LTD have release their latest title onto Search engines Play today known as Zebuloids. This particular game is definitely an isometric 3D puzzle name where you will be helping the Zebuloids deal with the Vogelz who\’ve crash landed onto their planet and also have begun looting it for all that they can.

Players will have 3 different types of Zebuloids at their disposal (Red, Blue and Yellow-colored), each with their own characteristics and abilities. You may also combine them all to form a black Super Zebuloid too. The main goal is to buy to the end of every stage safely, solving the puzzle upon each stage on how to accomplish exactly that, and eventually getting rid of the Vogelz in the process.

Zebuloids Features:

– 3 Zebuloids, red-colored, yellow and blue, with different characteristics
– Fuse these to obtain the black Zebuloid and its dash skill, to jump over the obstacles
– 3 worlds for 30 amounts and 2 additional worlds
– The colorful isometric 3D jigsaw
– Growing difficulty and a great variety of obstacles as well as enigmas

For those of you looking for a little bit f a unique and challenging puzzle game to try out, you might want to try Zebuloids. You can nab yourself a duplicate of this game off of Google Play free of charge.

Google Play Link: Zebuloids

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