The Humble Bundle 7 has arrived featuring six new games available for Android and other platforms

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Written by AndrewH

A new Simple Bundle has released and it looks like Android users get to enjoy a bit of a double dosage of gaming amazing benefits from the company. The Humble Bundle 7 features a selection of games that you could grab for your Android device, PC, Macintosh and Linux with regard to whatever you want to pay.

As with all of Humble Bundles, you receive four games for whatever amount you want to pay for them but when you happen to pay over the average amount that the bundle is being bought for at the time of you buy the car, you will be able to uncover an additional two games. That makes for a total of six games which are DRM-free and can be played on all of those systems we\’ve mentioned above.

So exactly what games does this Humble Bundle come with? Well here are the first 4 games you\’ll get when you purchase the bundle:

– Solution to Ride + DLC Solution to Ride United states 1910, the time-honored favorite through Days of Wonder?
– Avarice Corp, the mistbound feudal universe by W!Games?
– Incredipede, the actual lovable limb-sprouting game through Northway Games, and
– Anodyne, the challenging top-down pixelated puzzler by Analgesic Productions M.L.C.

If you pay above the average amount people are buying the bundle for when you purchase your copy, you\’ll also get these two additional video games:

– Worms Reloaded (includes Google android counterpart Worms 2: Armageddon), the turn-based strategy sport about warring clans associated with worms by Team 17, and
– The Bard\’s Tale, the raunchy role-playing game by inXile entertainment

Overall this is a pretty solid bundle associated with games. Select games will also come with their soundtrack as well for those of you who choose listening to game soundtracks.

As usually you can split your own payment up in whatever way you want to whether it be just about all to charity, just about all to the developers, all to Humble Bundle or a mix of any amount to any of them. Go to the link below if you wish to pick up a copy of this new Humble Package deal.

Official Website: Humble Bundle

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