Square Enix to bring free-to-play Final Fantasy Agito to mobile soon

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Written by AndrewH

Square Enix has announced that they will be releasing a brand new original RPG that is part of the Final Dream universe called Final Dream Agito. This particular game is a free-to-play title which will not have only single-player content, like the majority of their own RPGs, but also multi-player elements available as well.

Final Fantasy Agito will be occur the Final Fantasy Type-O and in a way is actually a retelling of the Type-O story. The difference is the fact that Final Fantasy Agito will tell the storyline from the perspective of what ever character the player produces and customizes. This means that you\’ll be able to create several characters and customize them before working your way through the game, experiencing the storyline through each character\’s perspective as you play them. A minimum of that is what it sounds as with theory.

I wanted to create a story that traced the different fates of the FF Type-0 characters. A lot of FF Type-0 players have told us which, and there are a lot of individuals within the studio, as well, who wanted to get it done. FF Type-0 was originally meant for release on mobile phones, and I liked the actual Agito name anyway, so that\’s how we started with this project. – Producer Hajime Tabata via Famitsu

Final Dream Agito will be one of the first games Square Enix will have release that will take advantage of being on a smartphone. The sport will proceed in realtime based on player measures and will play out within chapters, with each section having a definitive finish to it before the subsequent one begins. The decisions you make in the current section, or game cycle depending on how you want to look at it, will affect the chapters of the game that you haven\’t yet entered.

Each section is also divided upward into single participant content and team-based play. Each chapter is two weeks long and also the solo content is 10 days out of those 14 days. The remaining four days is dedicated to the team-based gameplay. Your solo game play will also affect your own team-based gameplay since your job will be chosen at the beginning of the chapter after which during the solo content material you\’ll be boosting those skills for when the actual team-based content starts.

Final Dream Agito will be arriving on to Android and iOS this Winter and Hajime Tabata claims that even though it will be free-to-play, Square Enix wants to make certain people can get to the end regardless if they spend money or not. An interesting change of business strategies for the company, one we\’d heard rumors regarding last year.

When more details arise, we will be sure to publish an update.

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