Kit Kat – This is the next version of Android\’s name, starts huge giveaway.

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Written by AndrewH

It seems as though a new statue offers appeared on the eco-friendly lively grass at Google\’s main university and it is that of a large Andriod made out of Kit Kat bars. This means that the new form of Android will be named after the breakable treat.

This version is officially announced as Google android 4.4 which was announced by Sundar Pichai upon Twitter. Shortly after that announcement went reside the official Kit Kat Twitter account also introduced the new Android edition and that they were aside of it. So now that we know what the real title of for the next Android version, we can stop calling it a bunch of other names.

This additionally marks the beginning of a huge giveaway between KitKat as well as Google where you can check the code inside a participating wrapped over on the giveaway\’s official website and when you have a winning signal you could win a brand new Nexus 7, Google Play store credit, or perhaps a free bag associated with Kit Kat Minis. There are a lot of prizes to be won such as 1000 Nexus 7 tablets and A hundred and fifty,000 $5 Google Play Store credits. Best of luck!

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