Square Enix developing Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn companion app for Android

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Written by AndrewH

Square Enix has been beta testing their latest MMORPG in the Final Fantasy business for awhile right now and with the game\’s real release people have already been having their own issues with trying to get onto the machines to play. It\’s a good problem for a company to have whenever that many people are trying to log into their sport. Sucks for the players though until much more server power is added.

Square Enix has been hectic though making a companion app for Final Dream XIV: Realm Reborn which simply landed on iOS and also the Android version is currently in development too. As far as companion apps go, this one looks quite good. Players can check their own gear as well as the gear of their friends. You may also check guild members\’ gear out as well should you really want to do a lot of gear comparing. If you like a bit of gear you see you\’ll be able to simply tap onto it to find out how and where to get it.

Also coming along with the software is a comprehensive encyclopaedia associated with in-game items, NPCs, quests, and achievements you can do additional sifting through. There is plenty of information which comes along with the app.

Interestingly enough, when the app is actually released onto Google android, it\’ll most likely function as the same price as the iOS one which is free.

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