Choplifter HD is a spiritual sequel to the original Choplifter game, now available on Google Play

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Written by AndrewH

One of the sport that was supposed to launch yesterday alongside the Nvidia Shield launch is Choplifter HD. It eventually obtained released later in the evening yesterday and for those of you who think the name sounds familiar, it should. Choplifter was originally a game title released a long time ago which one is almost the spiritual successor to that original game.

The primary goal is still the exact same, rescue people in the center of combat heavy places. You\’ll need to take out any kind of enemy units in the area before landing of sufficient length to rescue trapped people and get them to safety. However visually the game has received an overhaul and is now sporting 3D visuals as well as models of more modern military helicopters that you\’ll be flying.

Choplifter HD Features:

? Gamers pilot many different chopper types inspired through current military designs
? Varied and harmful terrain including cities, jungle outposts, arctic bases, as well as desert compounds with missions taking place at all hours of the day and night.
? Command a variety of helicopters deployed upon more than 30 various missions ranging from taken military prisoner removal to saving survivors of viral breakouts
? Maneuver, fire, and extract under perilous conditions in order to carry out rescues
? Original Choplifter business creator Dan Gorlin serving as design consultant

The creator from the original game was really brought on to serve like a consultant in designing this new one. If you played the original then you\’ll probably feel right at home with this new version. Choplifter HD can be obtained off of Google Perform for $4.99 and it is optimized for Tegra Three and Tegra 4 devices. While this may or may not end up being exclusive to Tegra devices, you will need to have Android Four.0 on your gadget to get this game.

Google Play Link: Choplifter HD

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