The official version of Transport Tycoon now has beta sign-ups available

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Last month all of us reported on the fact that an official version of Transport Tycoon would be making its method to Android. Unfortunately we just didn\’t know when it could be made available. Well it looks as though the game is coming along quite properly as the official beta sign-ups for Transport Tycoon are now live.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage about Transport Tycoon coming to Android, this particular new version of the sport will feature every thing the original came with but this version will have a UI completely redesigned for mobile gamers. To ensure that this will stay true to the original gaming experience, Chris Sawyer who created the original Transport Tycoon, Transport Tycoon Deluxe, as well as Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 & 2 originates on board to help with the designing of the cellular version of Transport Tycoon.

As you are probably guessing from the name from the game, this is a Tycoon title which means you\’ll be trying to build a big and successful transport empire. You\’ll begin with road-based transportation and eventually work your way up to trains, planes, ships and other type of transportation of goods.

If you want to try your good fortune at getting into the beta, just hop over to the new micro-site for Transport Tycoon and sign up.

Official Web site: Transport Tycoon

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