Playstation All-Stars has arrived on Android, exclusive to Europe for right now

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Written by AndrewH

Sony is getting some of the most recognizable characters from their games over to Android (and iOS) within a Playstation All-Stars game called officially called Ps All-Stars Island. The game is currently available on Google Play but for whatever specific reason it is exclusive to Europe right now.

Playstation All-Stars Island is a free-to-play game which is actually more like a package of mini-games rolled into one title. For instance Nathan Drake, Sackboy, Cole McGrath as well as Kat from Gravity Rush will have their very own endless runner design games to play, each with their own theme to it and items to collect.

Characters from their own themed worlds will be able to \’cross-over\’ into other character\’s mini-games through the use of Coke Zero techniques which are obtained by collecting special orbs through the game. Coke is really a major sponsor of this game and will be offering upward exclusive downloads for the game and pills which will be available through QR codes on special Coca-Cola Zero bottles.

Apparently the reason why this isn\’t obtainable in the US, at least wrong now, is because the entire thing was requested by SCEE Europe and therefor Playstation All-Stars Island isn\’t able to be downloaded in the US. Obviously if you have Market Enabler you won\’t have a problem getting farmville anyways, especially since it is free.

Google Play Hyperlink: Playstation All-Stars Island (European countries only)

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