DashClock gets a new widget for seeing who\’s online on Xbox Live

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Generally when we are referring to an application on Android it is usually either some sort of companion application to have an already existing game, an emulator or a fan created application like a Live Wallpaper. This time we are actually talking about the non-gaming application getting an add-on made for it that deals with gaming. If you happen to use DashClock, there is now a widget that allows you to see what friends are on the internet on Xbox Reside.

Officially called Live On the internet for DashClock, this is an add-on widget for anyone who uses DashClock where you can sync up your Xbox Live account to it and see what friends of yours happen to be online at any given time. There are a handful of requirements that you will need to make sure you meet if you are planning upon using this.

First you will have to possess DashClock installed (which is free on Google Play). This means that you\’ll need Android 4.2 in your device, otherwise you won\’t be able to download and use DashClock which then means you can\’t use Live Online fr DashClock. Next, your Xbox Reside friends list needs to be public so that the golf widget can access it. This won\’t work if your friends list is personal.

So, if you already use DashClock and want to see who is online on your friends list whenever you want, then you need to download and install Live On the internet for DashClock . It\’ll cost you only $0.99.

Google Play Hyperlink: Live Online with regard to DashClock

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