Anomaly 2 by 11 Bit Studios will be arriving onto mobile this Fall

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There are already 2 Anomaly games out on mobile and soon we will be getting a third one too. Back in February of this year we discussed Anomaly 2, the official sequel to the Anomaly franchise, but back then it was just confirmed for PC release. Having been on Steam for a bit now, 11 Bit Studios has been working on bringing the game in order to Android and iOS, some thing they said they desired to do back in February.

For those of you who are not familiar with Anomaly 2, the entire franchise is actually quite popular as these titles are tower offense games. This means you don\’t play as the individual controlling the towers and defending your foundation. You play because the attacking party instead, destroying \’towers\’ and protection on your way to accomplishing whatever your objective might be at that time.

Anomaly 2 brings a proper sequel to the franchise and expands greatly on the original video games. For example, tanks as well as units can now transform into armored mechs which will give a new level of strategy to the game. However the big feature will be the multi-player that will arrive with Anomaly 2. In this game setting one player takes on the role of the unpleasant units while the additional player takes on the actual defensive role using the towers.

So when can we see Anomaly 2 land on Google android? Right now all we all know is that the game is going to be arriving \”this Fall\”. Until then, we do have a trailer to watch.

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